List of international students should avoid doing when studying in Canada !

  1. Working without proper authorization
  2. Failing to maintain full-time student status
  3. Overstaying your visa or study permit
  4. Failing to renew your study permit before it expires
  5. Failing to notify the Canadian government of any changes to your contact information or status
  6. Engaging in criminal activity or violating Canadian laws
  7. Failing to obtain proper health insurance coverage
  8. Failing to pay tuition fees or other debts owed to your educational institution
  9. Failing to attend classes or meet academic requirements
  10. Failing to disclose any previous immigration or criminal history when applying for a study permit.

It is important for international students to follow all Canadian laws and regulations to avoid any negative consequences, such as deportation or being barred from entering Canada in the future.

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